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Candy Cat
Cat-Bee Art.png Bee like a Cat!

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Nom nom nom, more! More candy!
Candy Cat's cardboard cutout.

Candy Cat always marches to the beat of her own drums. True to her 1970s release date, Candy Cat is a free-spirited icon and is a favorite amongst children who have been known to indulge in sweets.
Digital Collectible Profile

Candy Cat is a toy created by Playtime Co.. Candy Cat makes her debut in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze of Poppy Playtime.

She makes her second major appearances on two Assessment Forms in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web.


Candy Cat is a pale sky blue cat with pale cerulean dot eyes, tiny, pointed ears of matching color, a matching nose and pair of droplet markings resembling whiskers on either side of her cheeks, a short, round torso with a splash of pale cerulean, four stubby legs with white paws, and a long tail with a rounded tip. her snout is white with a matching triangular patch of fur above it. Her most prominent feature is her long, exaggerated pink tongue, often seen lolling out of her mouth. Her cartoon counterpart has black dot eyes and a friendly grin. Her tongue is also more elongated and hangs more out of her mouth.


Candy Cat's specific personality is unclear. However, she is implied to be a bright and sunny individual who is free-spirited and lively, in relation to her Digital Collectible Profile.

Based on her voice lines, it can also be implied she is a greedy and gluttony individual who would like nothing more than to eat, especially candy. However, it seems even her gluttony has its limits, as when she is 'fed' too many times, she begins to beg The Player to stop 'feeding' her. Further feeding her causes Candy Cat to presumably die from overeating.



Candy Cat was created in 1979 by Playtime Co.. She was most likely created with the intention of being a unique individual to keep up with the new decade, as seen on her Digital Collectible Profile.

Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

In the Assessment Forms found in the chapter, it is revealed that an orphan girl named Makayla Hyssop was assigned Candy Cat as her toy whilst she participated in the Game Station experiments.



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