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This article is about the item used in-game. You may have been looking for the character of the same name.

The Bunzo Bunny toy is a minor utility in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web of Poppy Playtime. It is used to exit the Water Treatment by using it as a 'key' on the toy scanner.


Bunzo Bunny appears the same as his character counterpart, albeit in a smaller size. He is an anthropomorphic yellow rabbit with black eyes, two long yellow ears, with a gaping mouth pulled in a smile, showing off two buck teeth. He also wears a green party hat and matching overalls with suspenders and buttons of the same color. He holds two large golden cymbals. His cheeks are the same orange as the insides of his ears. He has small tufts of fur seen on his chest and on the top of his head. Around his eyes, he has green triangular markings similar to a clown.

The key difference to his character counterpart and his item counterpart, other than their size, is the fact that the item is in a box. The box is colored a velvet red, akin to a theater curtain. Colorful balloons are printed on the box alongside text inscribed in explosion-shaped boxes. Finally, the Playtime Co. logo can be seen on the top left corner.


To obtain the toy, you must first enter the Water Treatment. Then, go to the control panel, and adjust the bridge to match it with the C2 area. Go to C2, where the Bunzo Bunny toys are being produced on the conveyors. You must now access buttons on the wall by using the cage elevator, then press buttons to make the conveyor redirect the toys to your direction. Fire your GrabPack to grab a toy. After successfully obtaining the toy, you must now return to the control panel, then adjust the bridge to match with the C4 area. Put the item onto the toy scanner to unlock the door and exit Water Treatment.


  • The Bunzo Bunny toy models used to be basic models of a gift box moving around the conveyors that contained damaged Bunzos.
    • This was changed to the Bunzo Bunny toys in the current version of the game.


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