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I know when your birthday is!~ June 28th.
Bunzo Bunny's cardboard cutout.

Bunzo Bunny is a toy produced by Playtime Co. which debuted in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web. He debuted in the Musical Memory minigame as its main antagonist. Toy versions of Bunzo were later seen being produced near the Water Treatment facility.


Bunzo Bunny is an anthropomorphic yellow rabbit with black eyes, two large buck teeth and two long yellow ears. He is often depicted with a wide grin. He also has on a green party hat and matching overalls with suspenders and buttons of the same color. He holds two large golden cymbals. His cheeks are the same orange as the insides of his ears. He has small tufts of fur seen on his chest and on the top of his head. Around his eyes, he has green triangular markings similar to a clown.

In his aggressive form, he retains largely the same appearance. However, one notable difference is that he now has a row of jagged fangs lining his mouth, which is also split further and wide open.


Bunzo Bunny's jumpscare

Bunzo acts as the main mascot and antagonist for Musical Memory, in which he will lower towards The Player as The Player plays the game. If The Player gets continuous errors in the game's pattern sequence or fails to play the game quickly within the timing of Bunzo's descent, he will reach The Player, jumpscaring and killing The Player, and resetting the game.

Once The Player succeeds in the game, Bunzo will stop descending and crashing his cymbals, and stays in his current position.

A closer view of Bunzo's corpse.

A few minutes after The Player leaves the game area, faint thrashing noises as well as crashing from Bunzo's cymbals can be heard. This implies Mommy Long Legs had murdered Bunzo for failing to kill The Player. If The Player returns to the Game Station near the end of the game, Bunzo's corpse can be spotted on the ceiling, hanging motionless and trapped by Mommy's webs. The cable attached to Bunzo's back that was used for his ascent and descent in Musical Memory is nowhere to be seen.


Bunzo Bunny is shown to be very cheerful and playful, wishing people happy birthdays and knowing the birthdays of people.

The monstrous and sentient Bunzo, however, takes on a darker and more twisted personality, showing his excitement and ravenous behavior through his cymbals, crashing them faster and louder the close he gets to The Player. He seemingly delights in eating The Player if The Player fails the game, screaming and crashing his cymbals with a deafening din before doing so.


  • In the Chapter 2 Trailer, Daisy was used as the Musical Memory antagonist instead of Bunzo.
    • This was changed in the current version of the game. This could mean that Daisy was just a BETA tested character, or simply a placeholder for other characters to take its place.
  • Bunzo is most likely based on a Jolly Chimp in terms of function.
  • Bunzo 'knowing' the date of 'your' birthday (June 28th) may be a reference to Markiplier's birthday, a popular and widely known YouTuber who also plays Poppy Playtime.
  • Bunzo Bunny's item is named "Bunzo Bunny (3+)". This presumably suggests that Bunzo has multiple versions of himself for all ages.
  • Upon digging into the game's assets, an audio file titled "mommy_kills_bunzo.uasset" can be found in the game's programming. This audio file is played shortly after The Player leaves the Musical Memory game area, hence confirming Bunzo is indeed killed by Mommy Long Legs. This is further confirmed by Bunzo's corpse on the roof of the Game Station mentioned above.


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