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This article may contain information that is disturbing or triggering for some audiences. Please proceed with caution!

Reason: Bron's broken, bloody image is covered in REAL blood and his eyeless monster visage might be disturbing for some viewers.

What do you call the scariest dinosaur? Me...
Bron's cardboard cutout.

Bron managed to stay trim on a strict diet of 4,000 calories long before the days of fitness accounts on Instagram and unachievable beauty standards? How did he pull it off? In the same manner that Playtime Co. employees did: lots of hard work in the factory.
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Bron the Dinosaur, or simply Bron, is a toy created by Playtime Co.. Bron makes his debut in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze of Poppy Playtime.

He makes his second major appearance in the Storage Facility in Chapter 2: Fly In The Web in his monster form, acting as an obstacle for The Player to overcome. He also appears in various cutouts throughout said chapter with his own voice lines.


Bron is a large, bright red Brontosaurus, based completely on the real-life species of the same name. He has a rounded head with a small snout, small black eyes with eyelids, a long neck, a rotund body, four stubby limbs with blue toes, and a long tail with a sharp, pointed tip. His cheeks, neck front and underbelly are colored a pale shade of yellow.

His cartoon counterpart has large, goofy blue eyes and a friendly smile. Three blue spots are also visible on his back.

Bron's monster form retains largely the same appearance as his other two counterparts. However, his eyes have been gouged out, leaving two empty sockets. His mouth is split into a psychotic, unnerving grin. His bright red color has faded into a dull tangerine, and nearly every inch of his body is covered with blood. His body is also cracked in places. The blue on his toes have also peeled off and faded in places.


Bron is generally described as hard-working and fully-committed to whatever goals he had set himself upon, as he strictly allowed himself to eat only 4,000 calories daily. He is also presumed to be athletic and tough, being able to withstand tons of hard work every day.

He also apparently has a sense of humor, liking to make jokes and puns about dinosaurs. However, this sense of humor quickly takes a darker turn, as in later cutouts, he is heard referring to himself as 'the scariest dinosaur'. He also makes a joke about a dinosaur 'with one eye'.



Bron was first created by Playtime Co. in 1961, just a decade after Poppy Playtime. Bron was likely one of the experiments by Playtime Co. to make their toys come to life.

Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

Bron makes a major appearance in this chapter in his monster form as an obstacle that The Player needs to overcome in order to proceed. The Player must power up a crane to take Bron off an elevator as he is too heavy for it to go up.


  • Bron's name is most likely an abbreviation of 'Brontosaurus', which, coincidentally, is the species Bron is based on.
  • Dinosaur metabolism is the reason Bron can be on a 4,000 calorie diet while still remaining in shape.[1]
    • This is likely referencing Bron's smaller size, which decreases his caloric needs relative to other members of his species (larger dinosaurs would rely on tens or hundreds of thousands of calories per day.)
  • His cutout has voice lines voiced by Micah Preciado.
  • According to Zachary Preciado, there were fifteen different laugh variations that didn't get used for Bron's cutout.[2]



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