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Boogie Bot

Let's bo-bo-bo-boogie!
Boogie Bot's cardboard cutout.

The robot crossed the road, he was programmed to do it.
Boogie Bot's cardboard cutout.

Boogie Bot is amongst the cutest robots Playtime Co. has ever come to know. The lovable robot’s playful and delicate side earned him a spot on the walls of the Playtime Co. factory for what turned out to be many years after Boogie Bot himself was being produced.
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Boogie Bot is a toy produced by Playtime Co. who debuted in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze of Poppy Playtime.


Boogie Bot is a small, green robot. The disproportionately large head immediately catches the eye. Instead of having legs, he has conveyors used as legs. Instead of fingers, the Boogie Bot has robotic claws. The mouth is completely transparent throughout Boogie Bots appearances. It is replaced by a speaker placed on his chest. The limbs are held on bendable iron wires. The ears are made in the form of darker circles.

When damaged, Boogie Bot's circuits are exposed, with 3 red and 1 seemingly gray wire across his screen/face, which has been removed. They are also significantly muddier, duller, and darker in color. Sometimes Boogie Bot can be seen with many parts of its body scattered on and across the floor.


Boogie Bot, given his name, is likely a passionate dancer or music lover. Boogie Bot was likely made to bust moves, dance, and groove with children or whenever music is played nearby. He is created to be both playful and delicate, traits that stole the heart of his audience.


  • Boogie Bot does not have many appearances besides posters, but several unpowered Boogie Bots, many in blood-soaked bits, can be found in various parts of the map like on desks, chairs, etc.
  • Way before the first chapter was released, Boogie Bot had already an appearance in a post on the EnchantedMOB's Twitter account.
    • Alongside the image, it was accompanied by the following description: "Meet Bot, your new best pal. *beep bop boop*."
  • Boogie Bot was created in 1993.
    • As such, he was the latest toy creation of Playtime Co. to have reached stardom and gained popularity.


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