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Barry is a toy-based cart used by Playtime Co. which made its debut in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web.


It was seen in the Cart Corridors a bit after Kissy Missy opens the door leading down a hallway.


Barry’s only purpose was to be rolled down to break some planks through a labyrinth. It can be pulled by using the GrabPack. After getting through the labyrinth, Barry is not seen again, and is presumably destroyed.

Process for getting through the Cart Corridors

Once the Player powered on the first gate, Barry can be moved through the gates on the tracks by the Player. Lastly, the Player has to find a way to get Barry to gain enough velocity to break Barry through the blocked exit.


Barry is a four-wheel cart with a yellow and turquoise color scheme. At the front of Barry is a horizontal yellow handle. A pair of large round frames above the handle appeared to be Barry's eyes. The "eyes", being a substitution of headlights, typically seen in actual wheel carts. Between the "eyes" is Barry's name capitalized and written in yellow.

Within Barry are an array of toys and various other objects stored and filled to the brim. Notable toys include Bron, Cat-Bee, Boogie Bot and Candy Cat.

Being large and consisting of a lot of weight, Barry’s momentum enables it to easily break through the exit that is blocked by nailed planks.


Former game bug where Barry gets stuck beneath the gate.

  • In the early release of Chapter 2: Fly in a Web, players would experience a bug when they try to push or pull Barry past the electric-powered gate; Barry would get stuck on the tracks right in between the gate, restricting itself and the Player from crossing. MOB Games issued a statement addressing the bug.[1] A fixed version of the game was released soon after.



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