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The Assessment Form (S. Abell) (misspelled "Assessement Form" in-game) is an item found in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web of Poppy Playtime. It serves no purpose in completing the game, however, it is linked to lore of the chapter.


Assessment Form (S. Abell) can be found within Statues after crashing through the glass of the watchtower. When viewing the document, you can read about the subject Makayla Hyssop being reviewed regarding her performance within all three Game Station games, with her being assigned Candy Cat. It is unknown what it means to be assigned a specific toy, although fans presume that Makayla is the one possessing Candy Cat. Makayla's performance was reviewed to be bad, with her getting a below average score, and didn't get assigned for Candy Cat.


The Assessment Form is a filled in form with a blue background. The form reads as below:

Game Station Test Subject Assessement Form

Subject Name: Makayla Hyssop
Procter Name: Sarah Abell
Assigned Toy: Candy Cat

Trial 1: Musical Memory

Performance [1-5]: 3
Results: She has a good grasp on the concept and decent performance, but Makayla made mistakes on several of the color patterns. Her posture indicates to me that she was beginning to panic whenever she got a color pattern incorrect.

Trial 2: Whack-A-Wuggy

Performance [1-5]: 3
Results: Makayla had trouble wielding the GrabPack, often unable to accurately fire it at a hole. She reacted quickly whenever she noticed a Huggy Wuggy toy, but was slow to notice them in the first place.

Trial 3: Statues

Performance [1-5]: 1
Results: Makayla is not paying attention, she is screaming and pointing at something else in Statues when nothing is there. Lucky for her, PJ Pug-a-Pillar is so far behind that he can't even be se[en]-


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